Joe Biden and Donald Trump Win Their Respective Primaries In Ohio

The election was postponed amid coronavirus concerns

Some Student Loan Borrowers Were Left Out Of The CARES Act — A Bipartisan Bill Could Help

A new bill calls for temporary student loan relief for borrowers who participated in the Federal Family Education Loan program

Students Across The Country Are Suing Their Universities For Reimbursements

From Arizona to New York to Miami, school is online-only — but students are still paying campus fees

The Number Of Young People Held In Detention Centers Fell 24 Percent Last Month

Activists say their calls to release as many youth as possible are all the more crucial during the coronavirus pandemic

Tracking The Coronavirus? If There's An App For That, Young People Will Download It

47 percent of respondents aged 18 to 29 said they would install a COVID-19 tracking app

One In Five LGBTQ+ People Are Already 'Much Worse Off' Financially Because Of Coronavirus

Economic impacts of the coronavirus disproportionately hurts LGBTQ+ people

Governors Are Already Trying To Open States Back Up In The Midst Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

'As I look at the data and as I talk with our public health officials, I don't see that it's based on anything that's logical,' Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms said

Joe Biden Takes Wisconsin, In Midst Of Coronavirus Fears

The former vice president took 63 percent of the vote, followed by Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) who garnered 32 percent of the vote

Who Is Winning The 2020 Presidential Primaries? Here's Your One-Stop Guide

From Alabama to Virginia, and everywhere in between

Video Chatting, Drinking, And Cooking: What Young People Are During During The Coronavirus Lockdown

The youths stay online

Half Of Young People Say They've Lost Work As A Result Of The Coronavirus Crisis

They're also not confident they'll be able to pay for health care for the next six months, a new YouGov/MTV News poll found

Two Law Students Translated The Confusing Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Into An Online Quiz

'It was either that or watch Curb Your Enthusiasm for the third time in a row,' 26-year-old Naomi Biden said

No, The President's Authority Is Not 'Total'

Even though Donald Trump seems to think it is

Elizabeth Warren's Newest Plan? Protecting Essential Workers Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

'Essential workers are the backbone of our nation’s response to coronavirus'

As Coronavirus Spreads Among Juvenile Justice Facilities, Activists Are Calling For Their Release

'Our first and most strident public health intervention must be to get people out'

The Coronavirus Is Changing How Activists Fight

The Human Rights Campaign, Fight for the Future, and the Future Coalition on how they're turning to virtual activism

Wisconsin's Supreme Court Won't Let The Primary Election Be Postponed

'The bottom line is that I have an obligation to keep people safe,' Governor Tony Evers said

Young People Are Among The Most Fearful Of Losing Their Jobs Because Of Coronavirus

At least 10 million Americans filed for unemployment in March

The Olympics Have A New Start Date — Over A Year From Now

The event will now start on July 23, 2021

AOC Called Out Senate Republicans For Trapping Congress Into A 'Shameful' Bill

'Our work is far from over,' Ayanna Pressley agreed

How to Send Nudes Without Putting Your Privacy At Risk

The social distancing era doesn't mean you're not vulnerable to hackers

As Coronavirus Spreads, Liberty University Opens Back Up

Most of the universities in the United States are closed and remain closed until the pandemic slows

State Legislatures Are Working To Ban Abortion Access During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Limiting access to abortion care can put vulnerable people in danger

How To Get Your Student Loans Deferred For 60 Days As Coronavirus Relief

It doesn't happen automatically